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updated on 28 Aug, 2020


Scrum is an Agile Project Management Framework that can be used primarily to manage iterative and incremental projects of all types. In this course, you will learn Agile Project Management with Scrum. You will be given an overview of the principles and practices that make Scrum effective at managing projects. At the end of the course, you will have the confidence and understanding to implement Scrum in your organization and support teams in improving their processes.

  1. 1. Get a brief introduction to Agile and Scrum methodology
  2. 2. Understand the advantages of Agile over traditional methods
  3. 3. Get to know the core practices and philosophies behind Scrum Framework
  4. 4. Learn about Roles, Events and Artifacts, and the Process flow


  1. Who should go for the course?
  2. 1. Developers
  3. 2. Project Managers
  4. 3. Managers-Software Development
  5. 4. Architects-Software Development
  6. 5. Product Managers
  7. 6. Software Developers
  8. 7. Software Coders
  9. 8. Software Testers